Dalila Gonçalves, Rastos, 2019
© Rodriguez Gallery


Veronica Vasquez, Textil III, 2016
© Piero Atchugarry


Herbert Golser, Nichts geht verloren, 2019
© Herbert Golser

I cannot know how the wood reacts. I do not have the final say; I can intervene, support, but most of it is given. I cannot determine how the material reacts in the end.

Kristina Kanders, from the series Disappearing Housewifes: Rebecca Graublau, 2019
© Kristina Kanders

The original oil paintings on vintage wallpaper depict women of the 1950s and 1960s doing housework while merging more or less with the background.

Holger Zimmermann, Kauenhaken, 2009
© Holger Zimmermann



Julia Schrader, o.T. (Wabe), 2009
© Alistair Overbruck

Julia Schrader’s object floating in space could come from a peculiar natural cycle, at the origin of which is the birth from a cocoon. A snakeskin-light relic of this genesis.