EXPLORELiving Room

Alex Verhaest, Idle Times/Temps Mort, 2012/2013
Character Studies Angelo, Madeleine, Hélène, Peter, Dolores

© Alex Verhaest


Idle times/Temps Mort is an interactive film relating the story of a family embroiled in an age-old family drama.

Alex Verhaest, Temps Mort, 2012/2013
Prop Angelo, Madeleine, Hélène, Peter, Dolores

© Alex Verhaest

Alex Verhaest, Temps Mort, 2013: Dinner Scene
© Alex Verhaest

Jacky Conolly, Hudson Valley Ruins, 2016 (excerpt) © Jacky Conolly

Jacky Conolly, Anhedonia, 2017
© Jacky Conolly

 Bianca Kennedy & The Swan Collective, Life between walls, 2014 (excerpt)
© Felix Kraus

Neither plant nor animal, the mushroom is unique and it was left out when humans, animals and plants entered a benefiting symbiosis in the year 3000. The film “Life Between Walls” portrays the conflicts between a parasitic fungus-intelligence and a population, which is a mere toy to evolving mycelia.

Pierre Jean Giloux, Invisible Cities, 2015-2017
© Pierre Jean Giloux

Invisible Cities is a tetralogy inspired by the utopian movement of the 1960s and 1970s : the Metabolism. This cycle of films questions the notion of landscape and brings together several portraits of Japanese towns (machinami): Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka and Kyoto.

Gil Heitor Cortesão, Room, 2016 © Bruno Lopes

In this painting a waiting room is presented, as if seen through a transparent door. My focus over the last years on the depiction of liminal spaces – thresholds, frontiers, transitions – further resonates through this work.