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Andrea Wright, Maquettes for future sculptures #6 and #9, 2020
© Andrea Wright


Julia Haugeneder, Folding (117), 2020
© Julia Haugeneder

My objects are made of bookbinding glue mixed with pigments – once dry, I transform this usually pretty large flat layer of glue by folding it into handy objects.


Orié Inoué, Myriades #1, 2020
Orié Inoué

Meditative journeys or visions, through a mysterious and oniric universe. A chain of life seems to proliferate perpetually, by sporulations, expansions…


Orié Inoué, Gemmes #1, 2020
© Orié Inoué

Rock, mountain, precious stone, or even meteorite or extraterrestrial object ? This mineral form evokes the growth and rebirth of life and suggest us the promise of germination of possible futures…


Dalila Gonçalves, “Abrir o aro para ouvir o mar” (open the rim to hear de sea), 2020
© Dalila Gonçalves. On loan by the artist.

My work involves a process of dissection, a discovery of objects and materials in all their layers, to a point when I can see them from the inside. I’m describing an unfolding of their plasticity, their history and function, and everything at once. I often do this in a process of poetic reorganization of my practices of collection, systematization and indexing of everyday objects and materials altered by industrial, natural, chronological and atmospheric processes — I emphasize their singularities, the things that make them unique.


Oh Soek Kwon, Move-Umzug, 2020
© Oh Soek Kwon. On loan by the artist.

“my room” is one of the my important themes. After moving from my small room in 2002, I implemented the event and the space with various media.